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BEAts of celebration, that’s the time



"Dreamy, immaginative, lonely and cinematic. One of the best acts of the new italian wave"  

g. Castaldo


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A dark and warm atmosphere, a vibrant and solid sound, an emotional electronic experience that will immerse all listeners. The Italian musician Rhò mix R&B groove with patterns of distorted sounds and gentle flutes. “Dreamy, immaginative, lonely and very cinematic. One of the best acts of the New Italian Wave” G. Castaldo, La Repubblica. In 2013 he released his first album “KYRIE ELEISON”, an album that he produced by himself in his bedroom and this was when Rhò’s music had been defined as evocative and minimal. But big news was about to come, just when Rhò was touring for the first time in Italy: a Ridley Scott’s production choose one of his unreleased songs, As You Hope, in order to promote the movie Killing Kennedy. The song is contained in the Ep "NEBULA", published in 2014. In 2015 Rhò joined a group of researchers at Georgia Tech in Atlanta (USA) to develop a special musical garmet made for his music called “The Hood”. He composed the OST of an award winner movie at Torino Film Festival called “Vincenzo da Crosia”. In 2016 Rhò spent most of the time working as a Music Consultant for special project such as “The Young Pope: a story of film-making” (Hbo/Canal+/Sky) and the movie “Il Padre d’Italia” (RaiCinema). During the year Rhò started to write new songs which lead to the new album "NEON DESERT" with S. Milella and Jo Ferliga. "NEON DESERT" is out on the 2nd of Feb 2018 with Gibilterra and Believe Distribution.